Jim Crupi

Dr. Jim Crupi makes it his business to understand how marketplace changes will shape the future. For over 20 years, he has been developing and advising leaders of companies around the world on how to build profitable businesses and mold high performance teams. Jim is about breakthrough ideas and the creation of value. He understands that today it is not so much a market of customers as every customer is a market.

"Jim gets people to understand that with the right tools they can achieve great things. His ultimate gift is that he teaches you not so much what to think as how to think." - John Ollen, CBRE

Decisive, Efficient Impact, Innovation, and Leadership

  • Helped a major soft drink company increase revenues by $25 million in one year - in just one market
  • Helped design and build a leadership university for the largest commercial real estate company in the world
  • Saved the US government millions of dollars simply by approaching a problem from a new perspective
  • Helped a major communications company redefine its core business
  • Designed a strategic communications campaign for a major hospital
  • Trains US Army generals to embrace radical change in a world of uncertainty

His perspectives are sought after in places around the globe. His leadership workshops are world renowned. He pulls no punches, loves to see people discover the leader within, and thrives on ideas that others only wish they could see.